Name Zombie Protector
Type Defense
Map Cape Warth
Level 1 Stats
HP 115-456*
MP 30-101*
Min Attack 15-20*
Max Attack 24-50*
Balance 39-78*
Crit 13-37%*
Crit Multiplier 166-199%*
Defense 7-17*
Protection 8-14*
Magic Attack 105-107%*
  • Stats of three ZPs.  More L1 Zombies are needed for a more accurate range.

Pet SummaryEdit

The re-animated fleshy corpse of a freshly-dead warrior, he'll protect you during your quest.

Pet Skill(s)Edit

Skill Name

Advanced Counterattack

Advanced Wise


Advanced Life Drain

Slayer, Advanced Slayer

Advanced Ice Spear

Taunt, Advances Taunt

The stats of a level 71 zombie protector.

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