Name Zombie Warrior
Type Attack
Map Cape Warth, Bone Cave
Level 1 Stats
HP 85-187
MP 50-66
Min Attack 34-53
Max Attack 66-82
Balance 33-89
Crit 16%-27%
Crit Multiplier 166%
Defense 1-6
Protection 4-5
Magic Attack 105%

Pet SummaryEdit

The re-animated fleshy corpse of a freshly-dead warrior, he'll attack your foes your quest.

Pet Skill(s)Edit

Skill Name
Advanced Heal
Advanced Ice Spear

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Giant Spider | Red Spider
Zombie Archer | Zombie Mage | Zombie Protector | Zombie Warrior
Red Bear | Brown Bear | Grey Bear
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Fire Spirate | Lightning Spirate | Stone Spirate | Wind Spirate
Archer of Ruins | Mage of Ruins | Warrior of Ruins | Protector of Ruins
Holy Unicorn | Prairie Unicorn
Dark Dragon | Shining Dragon
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